Saturday, November 7, 2009

More than a club. . . .

This is more than some silly club (fairy friends) its like a fairy club virtual world!

Here's whats coming to fairy friends (if you join or not):

Battle witches!

Explore new worlds!!

Earn your charmix, enchantix, and maybe believix!!!

Become a fairy friend Club member!!!!! (sign up here with fairy friends fairy name and your power!)

Plus check on True blue winx! blog (my main blog) for updates, new stuff, and cool members joining the club!

Almost over. . .

Sigh up right here (if you want) to learn more aobut this blog and new club read Coming Soon!! post (A.K.A my first post for this blog)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Check out my other blogs!!

Still very new to blogger or to my coming soon blog?? well you can check out my other blogs! My MAIN blog (True Blue Winx!) is my most popular followed my Winx pictures, Winx characters, And my Edited Winx pictures!

Come on down today and check out my OTHER blogs for some fun!!