Saturday, April 17, 2010

First task!

for those who have joined, here is your first task!

task: you need to earn your charmix! this weeks do something that shows the REAL you and thats out of the box! good luck! comment what you did and ill give you a new task next several weeks!


  1. I told my friend about how I watch Winx Club (which I'm usually embarassed about) and it turns out that she watches it, too.

    If that doesn't count then... I've got nothin'

    BTW:I'm still working on profile

  2. okay... there's no picture yet but here are the "stuff"



    Power level: 7/10=above average

    Spells: magical weapons, shadow ball, shadow energy, night shade, light ball, light energy, blinding flare, luminesant flare-

    Charmix Spell: Charmix combo (combined light & shadow)

    Enchantix Spell: Enchanting night/day

    Believix: Bright soul

    Personality:mysterious,quiet,selfish,mature for her age (15), determined, loyal... She never really socializes and is rarely cheerful. But when she is, she is a ball of sunshine and irristible. She becomes less selfish and friendlier throughout age.

    Birthday: December 16

    Favorite animal: Golden Eagle and Wolf

    Appearance: Dirty Blonde hair, often in braids... tan skin... Hazel eyes(Stella shape)

  3. Thank you for posting you fairy profile, you can begin this task now, good luck on your profile! any questions or comments, well you know where to find me....

  4. Ok, here goes nothing...

    Name: Isabella Marie Thompson

    Power: Illusions

    Power Level: 8/10 (she has two other powers {she's a Demon Fairy})

    Spells: She mostly just thinks of something and then her enemy will THINK that they're in trouble and be distracted (like, say, Isabella thinks of the deepest part of the ocean. Her enemy will think they are drowning and will try to pull themselves up to the "top", not aware that it's just an illusion)

    Charmix Spell: Path of Questions!

    Enchantix Spell: Confusion Radiation!

    Believix Spell: Trusting Mind

    Personality: Despite her dark power, she's a very fun and bubbly girl. She's 19, and has the bestest friend in the world (Jinger) and starts to open up her feelings as she grows in her magical powers and learns that she can use her powers for good, too (Believix).

    Birthday: October 10

    Favorite Animal: Wolf (she has one as a fairy pet; his name is Midnight

    Appearance: Dark brown hair with lighter brown (almost caramel-like) high-lights and dark blue eyes, tan skin

  5. thanks for posting (sorry i havent commented) you can begin your tasks! :)

  6. I earned it by proving myself brave even if I am the one that is in danger! ( My friend and I were being attacked by the Trix and thank goodness I was safe from Darcy illusion )